Analyzing and Testing Web Application Security based on OWASP Top 10 – SQLi and XSS

Table of Contents IntroductionOWASP Top 10 – 2017ObjectivesRequirementsUsing SSLScan to Verify SSL/TLS Protocols and CiphersAnalyzing HTTP Security Response Headers with HsecscanAnalyzing web server application for OWASP Top 10 with w3afAnalyzing web server application with OWASP ZAPTesting for SQLiTesting for XSS Introduction This post describes some methods and techniques that we […]

Protect and Secure your Web Application with NetScaler Application Firewall (WAF) – Part 1

The first part of this post I am providing some information and guidelines on how to implement Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall in front of your web application. In the second part coming up, we will look into the Security Insight of NMAS (NetScaler Management and Analytics Services) how this provide […]

Optimizing SSL Security and Performance with OCSP and NetScaler

This post is about OCSP, NetScaler and SSL/TLS, how we could benefit from it and how we implement it on NetScaler. Table of Contents IntroBenefits and objectivesOCSP Traffic flowOCSP Configuration stepsNotes and requirementsTroubleshootingOther references Intro Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) is an alternative/replacement to the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and […]

Form Based SSO to Office 365 via XenMobile and NetScaler Traffic Policy

NetScaler Traffic Policies are great ! Control authentication settings etc. on a deeper level.In this post we look into Form Based SSO on NetScaler, as an approach to automatically submit the email adress to the login form for authentication in Microsoft Office 365. When running mVPN/VPN sessions through NetScaler Gateway, […]