Protecting against HTTP Request Smuggling – Citrix NetScaler ADC

This post describes a brief summary on this subject together with recent tests I did conduct against Citrix ADC/NetScaler in a Lab environment. This post will not show intensive testing or demonstrating offensive techniques mentioned here, though this could perhaps appear in a future post on my other blog […]

Allow access to web apps based on a specific time schedule with Citrix ADC (NetScaler)

Recently I was involved in a project, where one of the objectives was to restrict access to application resources handled by our Citrix ADC, based on a specific time range. So from Monday to Friday between 8-16 access should be allowed in this case, where access to the web applications […]

Site-2-Site IPSEC VPN Tunnel from Microsoft Azure to On-Premises with Citrix NetScaler

NetScaler provides the ability to extend your enterprise network to the Cloud. The NetScaler CloudBridge Connector enables you to move your applications to the cloud to reduce cost and increase reliability. In addition to using CloudBridge Connector between a datacenter and a cloud, you can use it to connect two […]

Protect your web traffic against Internet threats with Citrix NetScaler Secure Web Gateway

In this blog post I will share some of my experiences implementing NetScaler SWG as a Forward Proxy in order to protect and enhance security for your web traffic. Citrix NetScaler Secure Web Gateway addresses security challenges, by letting organizations control which applications users can access, inspecting ssl encrypted traffic, […]

Scan and Analyze TLS/SSL with CipherScan

A simple method to figure out which SSL/TLS Ciphersuites are supported by a target, and how these are prioritized. CipherScan can be used to assist to verify a good SSL/TLS configuration on your server.  


  Download Install git clone Pre-reqs Python […]