NetScaler Commands

A list of usefull commands when troubleshooting NetScaler is shown here.
More will be added in the future.

Shell Commands

General NS troubleshooting:

set syslogparams loglevel DEBUG (Enable Debug Level)
tail -f /var/log/ns.log

nsapimgr -d freeports (Shows available ports per SNIPs)

nsconmsg –d current | egrep –i rewrite
nsconmsg –d current | egrep –i responder
nsconmsg -d current -g pol_hits udp port 4739 dst host 10.x.x.x

SAML troubleshooting:

nsconmsg -d current -g saml (Shows SAML auth process in realtime)
nsconmsg -g saml -d stats | grep logout

Kerberos troubleshooting:
cat /tmp/nskrb.debug (List kerberos auth process)

AAA Authentication log:

cat /tmp/aaad.debug


show ns connectiontable “VSVRNAME = %VSERVERNAME%”

stat ssl ( show stats for ssl transactions)

stat lb vserver
stat cs vserver
stat service

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